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Daikin is the World’s No. 1 air conditioning company. Daikin is a leading innovator and worldwide provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning and heating solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. With more than 90 years of operation, Daikin has sold millions of systems throughout 140 countries. But what makes us great isn’t just our HVAC systems. It’s our personal service, commitment to quality and technological innovations that allow us to be a leading HVAC manufacturer.

About Daikin Comfort

From our earliest models nearly 100 years ago to the futuristic designs of today, our commitment to innovation is the hallmark of Daikin. Our products have high levels of efficiency that show in our zone controls, sleek designs and refreshingly reliable service.

Only Daikin can offer you what you most need in an HVAC unit: not only more comfortable air, but also the peace of mind that when you choose the Daikin brand, you have made the best decision for your home.

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Daikin Featured Products


Whole House Heat Pump

At the core of the VRV LIFE systems is built-in intelligence that gives you independent zoning control with maximum flexibility and energy savings. With the ability to connect up to nine indoor units to one outdoor unit, the space-saving VRV LIFE system is ideal for most residential projects.

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VRV LIFE systems features:

  • Flexibility with mix-match of ducted and duct-free indoor units
  • Reduced power consumption with flexibility to turn off indoor units not in use
  • Dual-fuel heating with heat pump and gas heat simultaneously
  • Space-saving with ability to connect 2 gas furnaces to one outdoor unit (1)
  • Quiet operation with sound levels under 58 dBA (2)
  • Choice of gas or heat pump heat
  • Custom, selectable and programmable temperature to switch from heat pump to gas heat
  • Add or remove zones without having to worry about ductwork

SkyAir Inverter Ducted

The Daikin Inverter Ducted line is an alternative to traditional cube style solutions adopting a slim, space saving and quiet outdoor unit and specifically designed and matched indoor air handling unit. The Inverter Ducted can be used in place of your existing system, utilizing existing ductwork, or in new construction where individual zone or room control is not desired. You get the comfort and energy savings advantages of Daikin’s industry leading inverter technology, using a modern heat pump system to heat and cool.

Superior heating capacity in low-ambient conditions.

Older, traditional residential heat pump systems may require backup electric heating whenever the outside temperature is below 45°F. Daikin Inverter Ducted systems provide comfortable heating down to 0°F, with up to 100% capacity available as low as 14°F. They can also operate in cooling mode from 23°F to 115°F. In most climates, this makes installation easier since no supplemental electric heater needs to be installed.


  • Available in ranges from 18000 to 42000 Btu/h
  • Vertical (Upflow) or Horizontal configurations
  • Up to SEER 20.0 EER 14.5 and HSPF Up to 12.0